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4 Ways to Swipe

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Serious Dating


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At Curius...

We know that relationships are not binaries




Flirt & ...

Which is why we've introduced 4 ways to express your relationship needs

So that you can meet people who actually match those needs



Start swiping mindfully.

Curius provides a new way of "mindful swiping" in which you express your needs clearly. 

We're making it easier to find matches who actually, well, match.

Generate social curiosity.

Curius also keeps a record of all the categories others have swiped you for your viewing. 

With this insight, you can modify your profile to your social needs and get the results you want.

Filter the kind of social connections you need.

  Swipes and comments from other people are private and only for your viewing. 

This will help you filter out people with whom, and how, you want to establish a new social connection.

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Mindful Swiping

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