• What is Curius?

    Curius stands for curiosity of intentions. We saw a problem in the existing dating apps that people connect without exactly knowing each others intentions. We wanted to solve this problem. Curius was spun off to do the same.


    Curius is a dating and a social networking app in which you do swipe to connect but you express your intentions while swiping. This leads our users to connect mindfully. 

  • How is Curius different?

    The core methodology that Curius follows to connect people is absolutely different from any other app in the market. 

    Curius lets you swipe people around you into different intention categories. This way you are expressing your intentions towards those people while swiping.  

  • How do I express my intentions while swiping?

    Curius lets you swipe people around you into different intention categories. This way you are expressing your intentions towards those people while swiping.  

  • What kind of intentions can I express while swiping?

    Currently we support the following social and dating intentions:

    Serious Commitment,

    One night stand,

    Serious Dating,

    Casual hangout & dating,


    Texting & chatting

  • How do I match with people?

    Curius gives you the freedom & choice to filter the intentions of the people you want to get matched/connected with.

    You set the categories of intentions you want. The people swiping you will be considered to match with you only if they swipe you into the intention categories you have selected. 

    A match will be made if someone around you swipes your profile into your desired intention category and you swipe them back in their desired intention category.

  • Do I get to know the intended category of a person around me?

    No we keep this info hidden to keep the fun and excitement on. You don't know what someone wants beforehand but our match making algorithm in the backend still connects you with people who have expressed the same intentions towards you as your desired dating intentions!

  • Can I have multiple intentions that I want from my matches?

     For instance can I have people matched with me who want be friends and also might wanna just hangout?

    Yes absolutely! You can have all or multiple intentions enabled for your desired matches. 

  • Can I see what someone swiped me?

    Yes! You can see swipe and comment by someone. You need to tap the Curius logo button in their profile to check what they have swiped and commented on your profile. 

    PS: You need to refer our app to a friend to unlock this feature.

  • Can I see all the people who have swiped & commented on my profile?

    Yes! You can check it by tapping the heart button on the main page of the app or you can go into profile curiosity section in the profile section and tap on 'Check who swiped & commented on you'.
    PS: You need to refer our app again to another friend to unlock this.

  • How can I comment on someone's profile?

    You will see a comment button on bottom right of the profile card that you can tap on to comment on them. You can also go into the info section of their profile and tap on comment icon to do the same. Mind it...you can only comment once and can't take it back!

  • What is profile curiosity?

    Profile curiosity refers to the section in the app where you check what intention someone has shown towards you and what have they commented on you.
    In other words, it refers to curiosity of a user towards what others think of them.

  • What are the different symbols on the page where I swipe?

    Ring stands for serious commitment intention.

    Flame stands for one night stand intention.

    Rose stands for serious dating intention.

    Wine glasses stand for casual dating/hangout intention.

    Orange and blue friends icon stands for friendship intention.

    Green chat icon stands for texting/chatting intention.

    Cross icon stands for not interested.

  • How can I edit my profile?

    Go to the profile section and tap on edit profile button. This will take you to the section where you can edit your photos, add stuff about yourself in about me, add which school did you attend, where do you work, a few conversation starters and more info like height, sexual orientation, dietary preferences, religion, ethnicity, your vices etc.
    We highly recommend you to complete your profile to get better quality matches. 

  • Why does the app say failed to validate profile image?

    We have facial recognition system in our app and we have made it mandatory for our users to add one picture of themselves. This helps us in eliminating fake profiles on our platform. We highly recommend you adding your genuine photos to get the best matches. 

  • Where can I see how many swipes I get?

    Check the profile curiosity section to see how many swipes you are getting in each intention category. You can use these numbers to modify your profile if you are want more swipes in your desired intention category.  

  • Can I hide my number of swipes from other people?

    Yes, you have the option to hide the number of swipes in your profile in the profile curiosity section.

  • Can I take a break or hide my profile from other people?

    Yes. You can go to settings section and tap enable sleep mode to take a break and hide your profile from people around you. PS: You can not swipe or see other people if you are in sleep mode. 

  • Where can I change my desired intention categories?

    You can change your desired intention categories in the settings section. You can select multiple categories at the same time. By default, all categories are enabled.

  • What all types of filters can I use for people around me?

    You can change the radius around you in which you want to see the people around you up to 100 miles, you can set the gender of the people you want to see, set the age range in which you want to see the people in. 
    PS: We are working to add the options for filtering people by religion, ethnicity, dietary preferences etc.