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LA Talk Radio Show

"Meet the founders of Curius"


"New Social Media App Curius Takes Swiping In Six Different Directions"


"Curius uses Better UI to Remind us Relationships are not Binaries"


"The Dating App That Allows You to Swipe in Six Directions"

Dating Sites Reviews

"New Social App Curius Offers 'Mindful Swiping' "


"New Dating App Brings Six-Way Swiping to Find Appropriate Matches"

Launching Next

"1 App ➜ 6 directions to swipe ➜ 6 ways to connect!"

The Dating Truth

"Curius is here to help you match with those who share your intentions"


"Next-gen social networking app introduces "mindful swiping" for meaningful matches"

"Curius Brings Six-Way Swiping to Find Appropriate Matches"

Digital Journal

"Innovative social app with “mindful swiping” technology goes live with 1000+ users"

Dating Sites Reviews

"Curius is offering 'in-person meetup' badge"


"Now connect with people who are available for an In-person meetup"

Enter 21st

Startup Mush

"match with people who are looking for the same thing instead of wasting time"